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If you get one tip, enjoy one recipe or review or find a new place to visit we are happy, that’s what we hope you achieve from Wine Travel Food.


Out and About

When we are out and about we love to help others find a new and interesting place to visit, eat, drink or just have a great day. These are the latest place we have been we hope you enjoy the reading and then experience the places as well.

At Home

Home is where we spend a large part of our life and make a lot of memories. At Lifestyle and Living, we will share reviews, ideas and tips to help you enjoy it even more. Learning is also is another activity at home so we will help you develop newskill that may help you in a new direction, so it is a bit of everything that Jane and Peter have learnt over their journey.

Thought or 2

A thought or two is where we share just that some thought about Gen X and the things we face today as well some tips on photography to help you keep the memories going.

The Show

If you were in Australia and Aussie Crawled through the ’80s and ’90s or even better still Mondo Rocked, this is the place for you. It’s not about music; however, it’s about people! We would love to help you enjoy life and keep living in the true spirit of Generation X. Our focus is on letting you stay on top of all the great things Australia has to offer, Food, Wine and lots to see and do. No jargon no bull, just straight-up thoughts and chats.

We focus on the young at heart, as that is where we are in life. We love to share our experiences whether that be a simple weekend away, a nice restaurant or bar or a great place to take photos. We hope you enjoy our journeys.

Stay Informed

Something happens every week !