A Thought Or Two

A Thought or 2

A Thought or Two
Image by Peter George

From the latest wines and beers to the trips we all love to take we will share our thoughts and help you make choices that we have enjoyed and hope that you do as well. We love to go out and about and we will share all that we do and see.

Ageism real or not? In 2020

For me ageism is real you reach a certain age, it appears to be 45, then things start to unravel, most times in an unpleasant way become unemployed, wondering what you are doing in the position you have, not getting promoted and the list goes on

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The Power of Photography

The Power of Photography       One of the things Jane and I are fortunate to do is travel a bit, as a photographer, this is great as I love photographing the different people and places and sharing life stories through images. We visit Bali as often as we can we love the Balinese people and their culture. With the power of images we sometimes forget what we capture, but later understand the significance of it, these two images…

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45 Wondering Where To Next?

45 Wondering Where To Next?       There comes a time in life where you start to question what and why you are doing certain things. At 45 male or female these start to happen, you start to worry more about retirement and do you have enough money, why am I still in this job, well guess what we can all change those thoughts. It takes a bit of time and coming to grips with change but we can…

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