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From simple food and recipes to info on some great drinks we share it all from our place to yours.

Home is where we spend a large part of our life and make a lot of memories. At Lifestyle and Living, we will share reviews, ideas and tips to help you enjoy it even more. Learning is also is another activity at home so we will help you develop newskill that may help you in a new direction, so it is a bit of everything that Jane and Peter have learnt over their journey.

Grant Burge Miamba Shiraz 2017 Review

It is a nice wine is it their best no, but a safe and comfortable shiraz from the Barossa Valley, if you can’t get a shiraz right from there you are in trouble. This is no different great rich colour, wonderful aroma and excellent taste. It is a full-bodied dry wine which would go well with steak or a winter casserole.

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Tintara Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

TINTARA CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2017has been synonymous with Hardy’s since 1861. The core range can be a bit hit and miss however this is a hit as far as I am concerned. It is quite soft on the pallet and has the typical Mclaren Vale flavours that we are used to.

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What Are Cleanskins

What are Cleanskins? Over the years cleanskins have come a long way since there introduction by winemakers in the early 2000s. At Lifestyle and Living, we are breaking down the myths that cleanskins are a cheap nasty wine and that you may crack a good one now and then. Cleanskins are away a winemaker can clear out overstock of a particular grape variety quickly and at times a lot cheaper than the branded wine. On some occasions, wines are made…

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Georges Paragon Sanctuary Cove

    Georges Paragon Sanctuary Cove George’s Paragon is a Greek-themed restaurant in 4 locations Sanctuary CoveMt TamborineBrisbaneCoolangatta We often go to the Sanctuary Cove restaurant and we always have a nice time, the food is plentiful, to the point where it is too much. The wine list is ok but at the higher end of the price. The review is based on the last time we were at George’s in December 2019.   The Service As normal with George’s…

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